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Tower-block hotel proposal in Mossbury Road: photos and sketches

Author: Cyril Richert

As explained in our previous article, a new hotel has been proposed at the bottom of Mossbury Road, 155 Falcon Road (in front of PCS).

We publish below a mix of photos and sketches, taken from the application documents on the Council website, reference 2009/1291 (click on the images to see bigger). On several images, we compare the current views with the changes made by the hotel proposal.

155 Falcon Road currently Mossbury Road
Current site                                                        Mossbury Road

155 Falcon Road hotel proposal 155 Falcon Road hotel proposal - building mark
Montages based on images from the developers and building print.

Hotel proposal - sketch 1 Hotel proposal - sketch 2

Current view from Mossbury Road Mossbury Road with hotel proposal - montage
Current view in Mossbury Road     Mossbury Road with hotel

Hotel sketch 6 Hotel sketch 7
Clapham Junction skyline with hotel proposal
Skyline showing the new hotel proposal (with current building line) in comparison to the nearby building and Arding and Hobbes

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New hotel tower in Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

New tower-block hotel proposed in Clapham JunctionA new hotel has been proposed at the bottom of Mossbury Road, 155 Falcon Road (in front of PCS).

The application has been submitted to the Council with the reference 2009/1291.

The application description is such as:

Demolition of existing buildings, and construction of a 16-storey building (plus plant and basement) providing a 132-bedroom hotel, with ancillary restaurant/bar and conference facilities; and a separate shop or restaurant unit fronting Falcon Road at ground floor level.

The website set-up by the developers gives a few additional information (I highlight the key points):

  • The new building responds to adopted planning policies accepting the principle of taller buildings in town centres, especially where economic and regeneration arguments add further weight.
  • The design is a contemporary response to the requirements of the brief and to the need to consider the constraints of the Conservation Area in which the site is located. The building envelope uses a range of materials, volumes, rhythms, colours and tones referenced to existing nearby buildings, including the Debenham’s department store (formerly Arding and Hobbs), the Falcon public house and The Grand Theatre.
  • The architects have undertaken a comprehensive review of the constraints of the brief and the site, and paid particular attention to the setting of the building within the Conservation Area and its relationship with existing buildings including nearby but unadjacent listed buildings.
  • The hotel entrance and servicing will be off Mossbury Road and the ground floor contains reception, restaurant and kitchen areas, with plant and service facilities below.
  • The development is restricted to three levels at its abutment with the terrace of houses on the rising frontage of Mossbury Road, reflecting the rhythm of the street.

The application has been filed by Oak Trading Company Ltd, a part of The Redwood Property Group.

David Rosemont, architect consultant to Husband and Carpenter Architects Ltd, and former Chair of the Wandsworth Challenge Partnership, said

“The design has evolved after a long period of design refinement following scrupulous consultation with the fullest range of local and other bodies, including potential operators.

The project has been carefully considered to provide the correct balance between quality, sustainability and viability. It is acknowledged that this part of the Clapham Junction Town Centre is in need of improvement and investment and a hotel of this high quality can deliver significant benefits to the Conservation Area and local community including businesses. The project offers the opportunity of a lifetime for the right project in the right location”

You might have noticed that David Rosemont has already commented some of our articles on this website, here and there (bottom of the articles, section comments).

In order to have an idea of one of the consequences on the area, here is a montage based on images from the developers:

155 Falcon Road currently
Current site

155 Falcon Road hotel proposal 155 Falcon Road hotel proposal - building mark
Site proposal

Update: As I was criticised below with the choice of colour to picture the building mark, I display some other possibilities 😀 (feel free to email me if you think that blue or pink gives a better representation of the building)

155 Falcon Road hotel proposal - building mark green 155 Falcon Road hotel proposal - building mark yellow

155 Falcon Road hotel proposal - building mark

Update 2: First image criticised by the developer (in size… and colour, so it was amended above):

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